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May 14, 2020: Resilience in food supply chains during COVID-19
Large-scale agricultural operations have recently made heartbreaking news for having to plow under crops, dump milk, and close down major meatpacking operations because of viral spread during this pandemic. Conversely, vertical farms, small-scale producers, and other modern food-tech companies were able to quickly pivot to provide safer working environments for their employees, keep a steady stream of income and food flowing to their local community.

In this panel, you'll hear how modern farmers at Square Roots, Stemple Creek Ranch, Box Greens, Sweet Farm, and Urban Greens have been resilient and provided hope to the communities they serve.
Resilience in food supply chains during COVID-19​
May 14, 2020
April 1, 2020: Can cell-based meat change culturally-specific diet preferences?
Cell-based protein is still a few years out from landing in grocery stores, but the technology has the potential to not only disrupt, but fundamentally change how meat and other animal products are purveyed.

Since no animals are killed, will vegetarians and vegans start consuming cell-based meat? How might groups that have strict religious or philosophical views on meat eating react to cell-based meat? Will it offer enough benefits to change dietary habits and preferences?

We invited a panel of experts to explore these questions and how they relate to ayurveda, keeping kosher, halal, vegetarianism, plant-based diets and more.
Can cell-based meat change culturally-specific diet preferences?​
April 1, 2020